Defence Day of Pakistan

Defence Day of Pakistan is observed annually on September 6, commemorating the day when Pakistan’s national armed forces successfully defended the attack of Indian military in the India-Pakistan War of 1965.

Without any formal declaration of war, the Indian military crossed the international border at midnight and attacked the cities of Lahore, Kasur, and Sialkot. Its main focus was to capture the Lahore city of Pakistan, and their army generals bragged that they would celebrate their success party late evening in Lahore’s Gymkhana Club.

The 17-days long war ended on September 22, 1965, when both sides agreed to the United Nations-administered ceasefire though Pakistan’s strong defence not only crushed the Indian military but also thumped the Indian motives and retaliated so strong that the Indian forces escaped back to their country.

The Real Story: What Happened

1). At midnight of 5/6 September, without any formal declaration of war, Indian armed forces attacked Pakistan in a surprise move. They crossed the international border and attacked the Lahore and Kasur fronts.

The Indian army was 5x bigger than Pakistan and had advanced armories and weapons gifted by America. Having such power and state of the art weapons, India was highly hopeful of the victory. Their army generals bragged that they would enjoy their evening tea in Lahore and celebrate late night war-success party in Lahore’s Gymkhana club.

The surprise attack by the Indian Army in Lahore was strongly defended by the Pakistani military. The Pak Army and Pak Airforce halted the surprise Indian attack, causing heavy casualties on the assailant.

The Indian Army’s motives for capturing Lahore were thumped, and the enemy had to face a humiliating and crushing defeat in the hands of Pakistan’s Armed Forces.

2). On September 7, Pakistan Air Force Pilot Squadron Leader M.M. Alam in his F-86 Sabre shot down five Indian Air Force plans in a single sortie, which is an unbeaten World Record!

On the same day, the Pakistan Naval force, under the direction of Commodore S. M. Anwar, attacked the Indian naval radar station that was set up on the shoreline of Dwarka in India, which is roughly 320km toward the south-east of Karachi Port. The Naval operation by Pakistan was successful.

On midnight 7/8 September, the Pak military crossed two major water obstacles in a strong push. Pakistan’s armed force bolstered by mounted guns and Air Force experts overrun region Khem Karn, 6 to 8 miles indie Indian domain. Several important Indian positions at Sulemanki, Rajasthan, and Sindh were captured in striking, swift attacks by the Pak Army.

3). On September 8, India launched another series of attack on Pakistan, but this time on the city of Sialkot. This was the largest tank battle since World Warr II. The battle continued for several days and nights, resulting in numerous losses on the two sides. At last the Indian military was forced to withdraw from the Pak soil.

Indian army rushed back to their country, leaving so many tanks, weapons and other advanced armories on the Pakistani territory.

The Indo-Pak War of 1965, lasted till September 22 when both nations accepted the UN-mandated ceasefire.

Quotes Greetings Wishes Messages

The 6th September Defence Day in Pakistan is indeed one of the best national days on the calendar. It commemorates one of the greatest historical days of Indo-Pak War of 1965 when India secretly crossed the international border thinking that their surprise attack would not be retaliated by Pakistan and they would easily invade the cities of Lahore, Sialkot, and Kasur. But Pakistan army retaliated so hard that Indian forces have to escape – leaving their tanks, armories, and hundreds of army men in the capture of Pak Army.

This section shares with you the latest Pakistan Defence Day quotes, wishes, images, greetings, poetry, Shayari, and wallpapers. As Defence Day approaches, the patriots of Pakistan upload Defence Day photos on their social media, use Defence Day messages to wish their loved ones, and express love for their nation by sharing beautiful Shayari and poetry lines.

Defence Day of Pakistan Quotes

  • We celebrate the bravery of our fathers and ancient heroes, and honor their gift of protecting our freedom. Long may our flag wave. Happy Defence Day Pakistan!
  • May Pakistan’s defence remains unshakable forever. Happy Defence Day. My heartiest salute to the martyrs of Pakistan.
  • To the unknown soldier…….. “Underneath That rich soil, is a richer dust concealed” May ALLAH Almighty accept the SHAHADAT of all Shuhadas & always bless their sacred souls in Heavens. Ameen.
  • Happy Defence Day. We salute our martyrs today and everyday for their sacrifice. May Allah bless our armed forces with more strength to fight any external force and to keep Pakistan safe. Pakistan Zindabad.
  • We owe it to the blood, sweat, and tears of our valiant armed forces for standing their ground and ensuring the safety of millions. Wishing all Pakistanis a Happy Defence Day!
  • 6th Sep 1965 when Pakistan Army and whole nation did a successful defence against India that marked the ceasefire in the 1965 war on 6 September. HAPPY DEFENCE DAY MOTHERLAND! Long Live Pak And Pak Army.
  • There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan! Inshallah! Happy Defence Day Pakistan!
  • A very happy Defence Day to Pakistanis every where. Let’s make a promise to go out of our way to show our love and kindness to our forces.
  • Pakistan is the only nation that does not hesitate for a second for giving blood for its motherland, happy Defence day Pakistan.

6th September Pakistan Kashmir Defence Day Stand with Kashmir Quotes

  • I pledge, I will raise my voice against Indian Army Human Right Violation in Kashmir till my last breath
  • Do and die for Kashmir. Think about Kashmir. Come out for Kashmir. Most important Kashmir. Urgent matter Kashmir. Emergence in Kashmir. Speek about Kashmir. Listening about kashmir. You for Kashmir & We for kashmir!
  • Will fight for Kashmiris till last bullet, last soldier and last drop of blood.
  • Wars are not fought for victory or defeat.Wars are fought for honor and dignity. Kashmiri mothers, sisters & daughters are asking their Muslim brothers tht where their guardians of honors are? Wakeup Muslim Ummah
  • The Quaid-i-Azam’s vision and our belief is that Kashmir is our jugular vein. #KashmirDefenceDay

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