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Planning to getting married watch this YouTube playlists.

If you are planning to get married this year so UDC suggested you to have one week break and watch 2-3 Playlists Present on YouTube that will surely help you to come up with the positive understanding of married life. 

Marriage is not something were 2 people start new life but it involve 2 families that become interrelated with each other  so it not the case that if marriage didn’t works so no one have the right to say anything.

It’s specially for the boys just thing and place your self in the place of Girl who leave each and everything and become part of your life. Just thing if you are doing the same and leaving your house where you leave for 22 – 23 Years and now you are leaving your comfort Zone and become part of someone life. So please take care of your partner and respect her opinions.

So UDC Suggested you to Watch.


2012 ‧ Romance ‧ 1 season
Shandana envies her parents for leading a happy married life. However, her mother shares the truth about her marriage, which makes Shandana realise that her mother’s life wasn’t a bed of roses.

Choti Si Zindagi

2016 ‧ Romance ‧ 1 season
In the 1970s Pakistan, a bright man from a rich family is forced to marry a naive girl, which leads to chaos in their personal lives.

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