The Difference between Solicited and Unsolicited Business Proposals

Business proposals are written documents that offer particular products or services to
potential buyers or clients. They are created to offer solutions. They are crucial components in
the sales process and service delivery. Business proposals should not be mistaken for business
plans. A business plan is a formal statement of a company has set of goals. On the other hand,
a freelancer or company sends a business proposal to a prospective client in order to get a
specific job/project. They are also different from “estimates”. Estimates are used where small
services are to be delivered. In this case, the extended formalities become cumbersome. The
estimates also feature where the business in question already has a good reputation with

Solicited vs. Unsolicited Business Proposals:

Solicited business proposals are written when customers themselves ask for proposals. The
requirement may be asked verbally or published through media outlets. The solicited proposal
comes with a description of what the client or buyer wants. It can also come with formatting
instructions, and the criteria that will be used to make a selection.

Unsolicited business proposals are sent to clients who have not requested them. They are
submitted on the proposer’s own initiative their goal is to get the attention of prospective
buyers and clients. They are general and not directly connected with a specific customer’s
needs. When writing an unsolicited business proposal, you must first make the customer see
that a problem exists. Since the customer does not anticipate the proposal, it must be very
convincing. They are usually used to publicize new products and services. You can increase
your chances of winning the contract by making initial contact with the agency personnel that
you want to do business with.

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